Outlander Distilled - Testimonials


Hello! I have finished the first five episodes of “Outlander Distilled”. Incredible! The information is well organized, detailed, and educational.

I love the historical references and learning about the origins of whisky, not just in Scotland, but internationally.
I can’t wait to search for some of the whiskies shown in our local shops. Slàinte mhath! Anon


Hi, this is Lynn and Ed
We have watched all the episodes of Outlander Distilled, and thought that the whole program was fantastic!!! We even saw the first one twice, and want to see more of them over again.
Each segment was packed full of information. Ed had more knowledge than I at first about how these wonderful products comes to be.
I was so overwhelmed with the story of how they are made.
One thing that was so pleasing was your personal touch. For instance, your favorite type of drinking glass, your own whisky collection, the next bottle you want to try, etc.

Knowing you from the Outlander tours, these glimpses brought a reality of what was being talked about.
Seeing some of Scotland’s countryside was a plus.
The whole section on the barrels was close to my heart, as my great grandfather was a Cooper in Ohio!
There are almost too many wonderful things to say about this series!!
We found each of us jotting down names of distilleries that we would like to try a product from!! The lists together, if bought, would keep us in daily wee drams for the next fifty years!

We thank you so very much for allowing us to purchase this magnificent Whisky Tour before it officially came out. There isn’t anything that we would change as we loved it ALL.
Perhaps some day, Ed and I will be able to travel to your extraordinary country to see everything…..from Outlander settings to the gorgeous land and, of course, some Whisky distilleries!!
Looking forward to more new programs from you….
Ed and Lynn, Illinois, USA

Thoroughly enjoying...

I am thoroughly enjoying the "Outlander Distilled" !!! I had no idea of the many variables that can effect the flavor of whiskey!! I am on episode #7 now.
I am fascinated with all the many flavors you talk about and the video shared with tasting of Timorous Beastie, Scallywag, Rock Island and Epicurean.
I have some Tomatin whisky where I tried a little taste testing myself....I do believe I need to join a group to work on this as it definitely is not a a straight forward task....but after watching your video I am very interested in trying to learn and experience the many aspects of flavors.
I myself enjoy it neat and with a more peaty taste.
While in Edinburgh my last visit in 2018 I was in Royal Mile Whiskies on High Street and picked out a Glenglassaugh - Torfa which I adored !! And Benromach 10 yr which i still have....just waiting for a special moment to open.
I am also amazed at the many different distilleries there are and the history behind it ll. Andy...you have done a wonderful job with this. I have shared info about this with several people I know who enjoy "The Water of Life".
and I look forward to the rest of the series.

I so look forward to once again visiting Scotland and being able to meet you both.

I would be honored that you would use my testimonial !!! I meant every word!! And it is ok to use my name.
Take care..are you hearing any good news about Scotland opening up soon? I know I'm probably not the only one disappointed that their tours have been postponed. Your virtual tours help but they are not the same as being there.

Wishing you both the very best. Peggy Watson, USA

Truly informative, educational, and fun

I plan to watch a few more this weekend. End of school year and travel got in the way of my viewing. And lack of whisky to go with it! Ha! 🤣

The first episode was amazing! Truly informative, educational, and fun. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Slàinte mhath! Amy, USA

Loving it!

Hi Andy-
I’m loving the whisky tour but have been so busy, I haven’t had a lot of time to continue watching. 
I had hoped to have time to repeat a bit of it, I think part 3, with the fellow doing the tasting. But my goal is to get back to watching a bit each day until done.
Thanks for all you and Di do! Martha

Other Virtual Tour Testimonials

Wonderful video tours

Wow!! I am so excited and very interested in these new video tour's and I will definitely be looking out for when you will be offering them. I have participated in all of the wonderful video tours you had held so far and the thoroughly enjoyed them. 😁😁 Peggy, USA

A long distance gift

Opening your hearth and home long distance is a gift. I very much appreciate your humour and keen interest in history and particularly during this time, you’ve done more to lift my spirits than you would know.

Thank you again for all you do and your great generosity of spirit.
Long distance hugs!
Kat McDonald

Virtual Tour – The Culloden Experience - Testimonials


My husband and attended the Culloden virtual tour yesterday. It was wonderful. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into it. Regards, Janet


Hello! I wantched your virtual tour of Culloden the other day and it was INCREDIBLE!
My mum is a massive Outlander fan and has researched pieces of it in the past and she was amazed as well!
The amount of detail and care you have put into your tours is incredible.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Anon

Excellent history and information

Thank you so much for today’s tour. I had visited Culloden a few years ago and enjoyed revisiting with your excellent background to the history and information on the events. As a reader of the Outlander series as well, this tour truly enhanced what I read in the books.
Regards, Dale Burn (Ontario Canada)

A most amazing virtual tour of Culloden Battlefield

Hello Di and Andy,
I have had the pleasure to visit Scotland in 2018, saw Culloden Battlefield and toured some of the film locations of Outlander. My heart has been lost to Scotland a long long time ago and I was so lucky to have been able to visit this most amazing country. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not think of Scotland, or something reminds me of it.
Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to you both, for putting together a most amazing virtual tour of Culloden Battlefield. I could feel your passion through the screen. Thank you for taking me back there.
You filmed the Battlefield at just the right moment, with the mist, you were able to feel how it would have been. It only took about one hour and so many brave men were killed. I can still remember standing there, at the Jacobite’s position, looking out on the field…. It is quite overwhelming when you stand there…
The details with which you presented this tour were stunning. I had never had the chance to visit Culloden House, so I really loved the way you walked through the rooms and compared them with pictures from an earlier time. Culloden House is still on my bucket list. Loved the walk through the woods and see the Prisoners Stone. Impressive. And the love story.
What an amazing story that you happened to find your home, right in the middle of that ring of trees. What are the odds?
So thank you again, for taking the time to share your beautiful country and its history with us. It is really much appreciated.
Kind regards, Nancy de Ronde-Bühler

We weren't quite sure what to expect but we both really enjoyed it

Thank you for a wonderful tour today. I bought tickets for my Mum for her birthday. Neither of us were quite sure what to expect but we both really enjoyed it. Mum travelled to Culloden back in 2001 and she thoroughly enjoyed looking back at the history and some of the places she saw back then.
Thanks for making a virtual tour available during this difficult year. We look forward to seeing more in the future.
Kind regards, Melinda & Pauline Galliford

Virtual Tour of 1740's Scotland - Testimonials

Wonderful virtual tour!!

Hello, Andy and Di:
Just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful virtual tour!! I loved it, and now that my husband has heard all about it (he watched the Outlander series, too), your real-life tour is something he says we should plan to do. We've only been to Scotland once before, for 3 weeks in 2000, to see the places where his people came over from and to meet a few relatives that we discovered when researching that trip. So to go back, and include one of your tours, would definitely be very special, indeed! Of course, it won't likely be until 2022 at some point, given what's going on (we're in Canada). But it's another thing to dream about until then. 😊
Thanks again, and hope to meet you both someday.
Best regards, Diane Fraser

Nice to reminisce

I enjoyed the virtual tour today. We have been to several of those places and it was nice to reminisce.
Thanks!! Jorge Rojas, MD

So informative and easy to follow

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today's virtual tour. So informative and you made it easy to follow. Using that map was brilliant!
Your kindness and advice helping me was greatly appreciated. Your love for what you do is evident in the passion that is in your voices as you present the tours. Well done…
Cherry Staszczak

This was just what I needed!

Thank you all so very much for today’s tour.
I’ve not seen Outlander- but really enjoyed the stories and history of my “second home.”
I’ve been in the whisky business for over 20 years, and 2020 marks the first year I’ve not been across...
This was just what I needed!
Thanks again, for a wee taste of home today.
Cheers, Monique

Thank You

I have really enjoyed it and one day hope to see it in person.
Regards, Sandra Adams

Very well done...

My husband and I watched your 1740s Scotland Virtual Tour last Saturday and it was very well done and full of info and photos. Hopefully, someday we'll come visit in person, but for now thanks for sharing with us your passion and knowledge of the area and its history and how it relates to the filming of Outlander. I'm already booked on your Culloden Experience virtual tour - we're looking forward to it". Audrey Donaghy

A Journey Through 18th Century Scotland - Virtual Tour - Testimonials

Fabulous Awesome Tour!!

Absolutely fabulous awesome tour!! Oh, will I ever tarvel to meet you?
Cordially, Pam, USA

So informative and very moving

Hi Di and Andrew,
Thanks so much for your tour today. All of your tours have been so informative and very moving. There is so much passion and interest shown in what you do. Thank you so much. Karen

A Huge Morale Booster

Thank you again Diane and Andrew for such a fantastic tour. I've been missing my friend living in the north of Scotland that I've known for years, yet have not been able to coordinate a time to visit given my career, until this past year, which of course had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. I have yet to visit Scotland, and today's tour enhanced my desire to get to Scotland as soon as possible. In the meantime, your virtual tours will be a huge morale booster for all, based on what I've seen and experienced today (my first tour!)
Sending best wishes from Ottawa!
Cathrine Wanczycki

Very Enjoyable

I enjoyed this very much! Hope to do a tour like this in Scotland some day!! Carol Stanger